We provide high quality, beautiful design scarves at a fraction of designer scarves’ price. Our scarves are meticulously crafted by professional tailors. On top of that, the patterns are designed by our talented textile designer. With her passion and great intuition for fashion, she captures the trend, visualizes it in her hand-painted watercolors, and creates sophisticated prints for Yorscarf. Hence, Yorscarf will give your traditional navy suit a fashionable look, as well as liven up your “all-year-round” professional wardrobe.

Our customers adore simplicity, and the combination of modern and vintage. These women will be different because they are smart, sexy, and unpredictable. Our scarf can be worn in more than 10 styles, and each style takes only 10 seconds to make. Yorscarf’s customers will enjoy endless creativity with our scarf, and the moments when their men and surrounding people say to them: “You look amazing!”


Vivian’s interest in fashion began when she was working for a company that organized events around the world. Working with them, she had the opportunity to travel to France, Italy, and her home country of Vietnam. Vivian notice, while in France, that the local fashion made the women look feminine and elegant. She took up the habit of wearing scarves—a French trend she was particularly taken by—because she was able to stay on the cutting edge of fashion without letting her wardrobe drain her bank account. Scarves were inexpensive, and could make an otherwise dull outfit come to life. Most importantly, she felt poised and confident while wearing them.

Vivian moved to the United States to get her Master at Cornell University, and shortly afterwards landed a job in Providence. Meanwhile, in the states, her scarves were getting noticed. She was getting compliments, and friends were inquiring as to where they could buy scarves like hers.

Upon moving to Providence, Vivian was surprised and inspired by the city’s cosmopolitan fashion sense. Reflecting on her past, and what actually excited her and made her happy, she made a decision to start a new business. She gathered together her friends with similar interests, searched for new design talent and recruited local up-and-comers. And so Yorscarf was born.


Yorscarf serves a dual purpose for Vivian. She is pursuing her love for fashion, but is also fulfilling her need to serve her community. Volunteer work was always a major part of her life, but she knew that she could have a much bigger impact with a large organization. Originally from Vietnam, she knows that young professional women like her have to work very hard, but are also very lucky to have choices, be independent, and be able to support others. The country has an enormous income gap, leaving many mothers rely on their husbands’ low wages to support their families. Vivian believes that women in Vietnam should have the option to work, and be economically independent.

Sewing is one of the ways that women in Vietnam can earn a steady income without having to move to a big city to work in a factory. That is why, for every 50 scarves sold, Yorscarf will give a sewing machine to a mother in need. Vivian dreams of the mother who can earn a living from sewing to send her kids to school, rely on herself, and have a happier life.